Gatsby ElMad
Jardinera LXXVII
Eros ElMad, poulain PRE
Poulinière pure race espagnole

About us


Breeding is a way of life, a little girl's dream coming true. 

For as long as I can remember have been fascinated by horses, I grew up loving them and I soon became a rider. Through all my equestrian experiences, and numerous interships, I realized there was only one way I could be happy in my life : I had to be a horse breeder. 

Someday Spanish Horses crossed my pass, and it was THE answer, I fell in love at first sight, and I knew I would spend the rest of my life breeding these wonderful horses.  

The ElMad Breeding Farm's adventure only begins in 2011, when I met Jardinera LXXVII right on time for Christmas ! 

I had just finished my last University semester and we went on a road trip accross France with a friend, to visit riding centers, studfarms, boardding facilities .... 

During our first stop, right accrossed the Belgian border, I met her, this wonderful mare, thanks to whom everything started to get real. After this visit I couldn't stop thinking about her and one month later I went back to pick her up to bring her home.

First born at the stud is Django ElMad, who arrived among us in spring 2013. And a few month later, Balinesa PM came to enlarge the family tree. 

My goal isn't to "create" the perfect horse who will win every competition. Perfection deosn't exist, that's a fact so please people, stop looking for it ! What I want are foals nicely built, with 3 super, loose paces and matching my conception of the Spanish horse. Of course character is as important as movments and morphology. A wonderful horse with bad temper who won't accept to work with you doesn't quite match the classic horse who will give his heart for you. 


I also want to bring a colorful touch, with rare coat colors such as palomino, buckskin, perlino, isabelo... But it won't be a priority !



Lucie Ollivier

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